Tale of Disappearance

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Guest-edited by Scott Geiger, Man-Made Lands is a supplement to the literary journal Ninth Letter. Geiger collected a series of works of architecture, design, and fiction as an anthology of parallel and interconnected visions, a "catalog of imaginings". Geiger states that he wanted to "commission short fiction from writers to appear alongside actual architectural proposals". The anthology contains work from Steven Holl, Bjarke Ingels Group, James Corner/Field Operations, and others.

This piece of writing and imagery, created with the writer and scholar Kate Bernheimer, imagines the home of a runaway, a boy who lives in the woods in a house of nails that, like a chameleon, changes appearance to match the surrounding environment.

This tale is also featured in Kate Bernheimer's collection of contemporary stories entitled "How a Mother Weaned Her Girl From Fairy Tales".


Written by
Kate Bernheimer and Andrew Bernheimer

Published in
Ninth Letter and “How a Mother Weaned Her Girl From Fairy Tales”


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